The history of our company is the history of our products

Arda was founded in 1935 and has over time become a leading company in the sector of school and office supplies made from injection-molded plastic. Continuous growth, acquisitions, and international business relationships have made it possible to offer an increasingly wide and comprehensive range of products.

Manufacturing is the driving force of our company.

At our headquarters in Peschiera del Garda, we have an efficient production facility that is continuously updated with the latest technology. The company produces special equipment and molds in-house. All processes are carried out internally, allowing Arda products to be defined as a genuine expression of "Made in Italy.

Quality is not an added value; it is the norm.

Both for the type of product that characterizes our company and by the very nature of our ownership, Arda has always pursued the goal of quality. For this reason, there is no difference between economical or high-end products: quality is the soul and body of every one of our products.


Ensuring a better product, always

Precision and reliability are fundamental characteristics to secure a place in the global market. Arda has always driven innovation in two key directions:

Research and development of new products by collaborating with designers and communication agencies.

Cutting-edge new technologies and production techniques.